Are we all just selfish beings at heart? Staring: My Breakup

What a negative, feeling-sorry-for-myself, grumpy title for a blog post, right! Well, although I might sound like a people hater, I think I am onto something…

Recently I went through a very heart wrenching, earth shattering, end of the world style breakup with my boyfriend. It was a big huge dumping, flat on my face. In the past, I have been the one doing the dumping (which, by the way, is a HELL of a lot easier). It was a new experience for me, and not one that I would wish upon anyone, not even my worst enemies. This boy was meant to be THE boy, and everyone could see how infatuated I was with him. When I came home from my first date with him, I kid you not, my mother was worried when she saw the crazy sparkle in my eye. Needless to say, it hurt.

I participated in an ancient break up ritual that thousands have women have been resorting to for years. I’m not sure if its an official ritual, but it damn should be. First step: Listening to Taylor Swift songs on repeat (I also printed out the lyrics so I could sing along whilst crying… what is wrong with me??). Second step: Swearing. A lot. Resulted in one very unimpressed mother. Third step: Destroying every piece of he-who-must-not-be-named from my life. This step involves deleting/burning photos, messages, items of clothing (except that Ralph Lauren t-shirt…. I will keep that thanks).

While I was buried under my blankets, sobbing in fetal position for those few days (…okay maybe a week… maybe two…), I had one visit from my friend. One. My whole world was just DESTROYED in front of my own eyes, and who cared? NOBODY. Zlich. Zero. Nada. Now I know what you are thinking, jeeez…. this girl is selfish! But let me remind you of the last time you had your heart torn into smithereens. It aint pretty. Maybe I am a slight drama queen, but I sent out a small group message to my best and dearest friends about my big, fat dumping.  After few responses of “I’m so sorry to hear, I thought he was a keeper!”, or “everything happens for a reason”, I came to a realization. Do we REALLY care about the happenings of the people around us? Do we really sympathize enough? Empathize enough? I mean, roles had been reversed, would I have been at my friends door with chocolate, romantic comedy movies, and flowers? The answer is…. probably not. In reality, I think we are all so caught up in our own lives and business, that when a monumental event (like a break up) happens to someone we care about, we spare them a thought, maybe send a text message, and move on.

Now, I am going to get back to what really matters. Third step. Anyone got a spare fireplace?

Here we go…

So. Here we go. My first ever blog post which possibly will never be read by anyone in this whole world except for some other bloggers desperate for some bloggy love. The photo you see above is little old me. My name is Nina and I am a 19 year old university student (technically…). This is my first attempt at blogging and its something I have been meaning to get to for a while. Don’t expect any posts about the current economic situation in china or my opinion Russia’s involvement in the Syrian civil war.  Hence the name of my blog, I am going to be talking all things small- uni life, boy troubles, the weather; basically anything going on in the average life of Nina.

Although I haven’t exactly written anything for a few years, writing has always been my forte. When I was in primary school I was always placed in a “writing enrichment” class for my compelling make believe stories about  monsters and fairies. Although I was mostly in “pre-vocational” maths classes (or veggie maths) at school, I managed to use my writing skills to bullshit my way through assignments, and I am currently learning that this doesn’t work as well at University. I dont remember the last time I wrote for pleasure though which is why I started up this blog. Lucky for you, my small handful of readers (a girl can dream).

Anyway, if you have reached this stage of the post, then you must be really bored but I am thrilled I have intrigued you with my very average and slightly self-centered writing. Stay tuned for some more average shit staring ME.